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Welcome to M.A. & Associates

We are an independent rep firm, located in the Midwest, for Commercial Furniture, Fabric, Art, and Rugs. Our client base consists of the A&D community and purchasing groups for the hospitality (guest room and public space), mixed use spaces, apartment and condo buildings, restaurant and food service community, senior living, higher education, and retail industries.

As our company grows and adapts, the main focus is ALWAYS consistent customer service, reliability, and creative solutions that are a value. A few partners have come and gone primarily due to conflicting values regarding client appreciation. I've always been known to be customer-centric as are the clients I work with. Our end goal is to provide an engaging and functional space for the guest. When the guest is satisfied they return, they invite others, and all in the chain of design and supply wins. M.A. and Associates wants to be your go to CREATIVE FORCE for interior products.


We work with companies that are at the forefront of development in the marketplace. We want to make sure that our end product is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also have enduring quality.


Our custom capabilities are endless. We strive to fit into our clients’ mold, not the other way around. Simply put, we make your job easier.


As a collaborative representative of companies both new and old, M.A. & Associates brings together a capable team of some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Contraxx Furniture
Modern Nature Design
United Furniture & Seating
ISA International
Carsons Hospitality